We advocate for the commercial use of drones by reducing barriers to enable this game-changing technology. We create value for commercial enterprise end users to facilitate adoption of drone technology. We educate on the benefits of drone technology for various end user communities. 

We are an independent 501c6 non-profit organization led by key members of the commercial drone industry. We work collectively to merge policy with innovation to create relevant rules for operation. We educate on the economic benefits, humanitarian gains, safe and responsible use and technology requirements of commercial drones. We work to:



Collaborate with our members and policymakers to craft policies that enable industry growth.



Inform commercial end users about the vast benefits of drone technology and encourage scalable adoption.



Grow the commercial drone industry by enabling timely and safe integration of drone technology.


Members Include

This is a pivotal time for the commercial drone space. Be an active contributor and join industry leaders in shaping the future of the commercial drone industry by joining the Commercial Drone Alliance.

Partnership & Collaboration