Joining the CDA

The Commercial Drone Alliance is an industry-led, 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization representing commercial drone end users, drone security companies and the broader commercial drone and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) ecosystem.  Our members include key leaders in the commercial drone industry, including manufacturers, service providers, software developers, and end-users in vertical markets such as oil and gas, precision agriculture, construction, security, communications technology, infrastructure, newsgathering, filmmaking, AAM/e-VTOL and more.  

We aim to educate on the economic benefits and humanitarian gains made possible by commercial drones, as well as advocate for their safe and responsible use. We bring the private sector together with government to solve challenges facing our industry.  We focus on expanding the drone marketplace, including by solving drone security issues.  And because we are an efficient organization with a tailored focus, our modest membership dues yield exponential benefits. 

“CDA has long been the leading voice of the U.S. drone industry. As our membership grows, our voice will be stronger and louder than ever. We look forward to partnering with policy makers to unlock the value of drones and enable U.S. leadership in a new era of aviation.” Brendan Groves, CDA Board Co-Chair; Skydio

“There is an incredible amount of enthusiasm surrounding commercial drone technology – and for a good reason. This technology can bring a lot of benefits to communities, and CDA is playing a critical part in ensuring a regulatory and policy framework is in place to accelerate its implementation.” Margaret Nagle, CDA Board Co-Chair; Wing Aviation

At present, we are offering two membership options, joining as a General Member or applying for a position on our Board of Directors. Both memberships are based on employee headcount.

If you are interested in applying for a position on the CDA Board of Directors, please visit our Board Membership Information Page or contact 

General Member




Base Rate (Annual)


Less than 99 employees (or FTE-equivalent), non-profit organizations, and government organizations



Between 100-500 employees (or FTE-equivalent)



Greater than 500 employees (or FTE-equivalent)


*Employee headcount/FTE should be based upon the headcount of your immediate company, not a parent or affiliate company.

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