Wing and DoorDash Expand Drone Delivery Partnership to the US


Following a successful year-long trial in Australia, Wing is expanding its partnership with DoorDash to the United States, bringing Wendy’s® meals to customers with speedy drone delivery.

Kicking off in Christiansburg, Virginia, the expansion of our partnership with DoorDash is an important step in Wing’s vision of creating what we believe can become the preferred mode of delivery for the millions of small packages that are delivered every day around the world. 

Wing launched our first US commercial operations in Christiansburg in 2019, and the community has been an integral part of drone delivery’s progress ever since, making it a fitting place to kick off the US expansion of our DoorDash partnership. Starting with service from one Wendy’s restaurant, Christiansburg customers will see an option in the DoorDash app to have their Wendy’s favorites delivered by drone.

Wing’s drones are a fast and effective option for getting smaller items quickly, ensuring your DoorDash order arrives in as little as 30 minutes (Wing’s fastest-ever delivery took just under three minutes!). Our drones travel around 65 mph, then hover and gently lower your order right outside your doorstep using a tether. With such speedy delivery, we’re able to keep your food warm, your treats frozen, and everything delicious upon arrival. Our streamlined delivery process is a game-changer because it's not just about speed—it's about satisfying your cravings and last-minute needs without adding stress to your day or putting more vehicles on the road.

In our recent survey with 1,000 US consumers, we uncovered a rising sentiment for sustainable delivery: 46% want a more environmentally friendly option for single-item delivery. The expansion of our partnership with DoorDash is exactly the kind of sustainable option that people want for small orders, as a complement to larger orders traditionally fulfilled by Dashers. Not only are we getting your orders to you quickly, but we're doing it with a small environmental footprint.

We’re proud to bring drone delivery via DoorDash to the US for the first time. To our friends in Christiansburg, get ready to place your drone delivery orders via DoorDash and share your experience on social with #dronedelivery.