Commercial UAV Expo Keynote Preview


Commercial UAV Expo Keynote Preview: The Next Generation of Flight, Drones and AI plus an Open Conversation with the FAA | Commercial UAV News

With an exhibit floor that is set to feature 200+ commercial UAS solutions providers along with over fifty sessions that are focused on everything from how to leverage drones in construction to creating ecosystems for air taxis and cargo drones to enabling positive change across an organization, Commercial UAV Expo is the place to discover what it means for drone technology to create value for commercial enterprise end users. 

This value will be explored from multiple perspectives during the entire event, but that exploration will kick off each day with the opening keynotes. Commercial UAV Expo keynote presentations and discussions will connect the dots between people, technologies, and entire industries to provide attendees with critical information and perspectives that can help them take their uncrewed operations to new levels.

“Keynotes set the tone for an entire event, and this year’s topics and speakers are doing so in ways that will resonate across each day of Commercial UAV Expo and beyond,” said Jeremiah Karpowicz, Editorial Director for Commercial UAV Expo. “Wednesday’s keynotes are all about enabling awareness around regulation and technology that will create value for commercial enterprise end users, while Thursday’s topics and speakers are focused on the realities users need to consider when it comes to people, processes and policy. This combination will help attendees understand where and how they can approach taking their next step with drone technology.”

This year’s Commercial UAV Expo will feature keynote addresses on Wednesday, September 6, and Thursday, September 7. Speakers from the government agencies, advocacy groups, market analysis organizations, and private companies will address the critical topics that will determine where the drone industry is headed. 

Here’s a look at the keynotes scheduled for Commercial UAV Expo 2023. 

The FAA’s Vision to Enable the Next Generation of Flight
Opening the event in a one-on-one conversation with Lisa Ellman, Executive Director of Commercial Drone Alliance, the FAA’s Acting Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety will explain how the agency is working to integrate and scale UAS operations while ensuring the safety of the National Airspace System (NAS). Highlighting the importance of collaboration and cooperation between private industry and public regulators, this discussion will give commercial drone professionals a better understanding of where drone regulations stand in 2023 and how they will be defined in 2024 and beyond.

Drones and AI: What Do Recent Advances in AI Mean for Your Business?
Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize a wide range of drone-based operations, including surveying, inspections, and public safety. However, this potential revolution also brings questions. Are innovations in AI opening up brand-new opportunities or applications? Who are some of the top AI innovators and solution providers? Will AI unlock a new era of autonomy?

In this keynote discussion moderated by Kay Wackwitz from Drone Industry Insights, a group of industry experts will look to provide these answers and more. Travis Mason from Merlin Labs, Neta Gliksman from Percepto, and Skydio’s Brendan Groves will address trends, technologies, and the challenges businesses face when adopting AI.

The Confluence of People and Technology Enable Drone Operations
Cambridge Consultants’ Martin Cookson, Director of Digital Service Innovation, will present an overview of industry breakthroughs and commercial successes in the world of UAS in 2023. He’ll detail what it means to connect breakthrough technology with the human dimension for drone programs of all sizes, highlighting how stakeholders can apply and profit from drone applications that measurably improve performance and safety.

Can Drones Measurably Improve What You’re Doing Today?
Joe Cione, NOAA’s Lead Meteorologist for its Hurricane Research Division, will detail how NOAA has been able to use drones to collect weather measurements in incredibly dangerous storms. He will also explain what it has meant to use drones to capture information that would otherwise be impossible to capture, how the agency has employed this technology in a way that reduces costs, and detail how stakeholders can similarly approach the adoption of drone technology in a way that makes sense for the present and future of an individual project or an entire organization.

An Open Conversation with the FAA
The FAA plays a large role in developing regulations and policy that can enable scaled commercial drone operations. In this keynote, CDA’s Executive Director Lisa Ellman will be joined by the FAA’s Executive Director of Rulemaking Brandon Roberts and the FAA’s Executive Director of the UAS Integration Office Jeffrey Vincent to explore how the agency is adapting to enable this type of growth. They will also discuss what barriers currently exist, and how regulators and industry will need to collaborate to move UAS integration forward.

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